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Alessa, The City and The Pianos” started in February 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil. The project entails in the discovery of various pianos across town learning its stories and sharing the findings. With this in mind I started my search and discovered that there’s so much history involved within every location, every piano and the people who are responsible for them. Nurture and neglect run together in my quest to make the piano exciting and inspiring.

Every post is recorded. Audio, video, and text bring it all to life, making possible to map my discoveries and sharing them with you guys. You can find them in the World Pianos category in the side.

Pianos are hard to find in Brazil. It`s an expensive instrument and Brazilian manufactories are scarce. It’s a luxury product that few can afford.

Years have passed and the king of all instruments has come out of fashion. Brazilian popular music adopted the guitar as its favourite son.

They became shelves, tables, giant ornaments forgotten in the background of all that samba.

A piano nonetheless is an elegant accessory that needs attention and care. Like a wealthy lady they hate being neglected and a decadent piano is as sad as an abandoned woman for there is no beauty in her after old age.

The project highlights all of the issues encountered regarding this wonderful instrument.

The International appendix of my blog is dedicated to the pianos I’ll find during my trips around the globe. Hopefully you guys can understand my english.

Wish me luck.


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